Elizmor is a 53ft 1948 wooden boat, built in Scotland in 1948 as a ringnetter. She was a working vessel until the late 1980′s, when her previous-previous owner converted her into a liveaboard vessel. For the past ten years, Elizmor has been lying on the hard in Preston Marina, Lancashire.

Elizmor - Preston Marina

Around the same time Elizmor was converted, down at the other end of the country, I (Eleanor) was born. 18 years later I bought my own 34ft sailing boat – Milestone – which I lived on for five years, between Portsmouth Harbour and Brighton Marina, sailing the south coast as far west as Dartmouth and regularly cruising around the Solent.

It’s time for change and a bit more space… so when I saw Elizmor advertised for sale, with a name so close to mine, I knew it was meant to be. A good survey and the sum of my life savings later, I became Elizmor’s new custodian. Well – she is almost three times my age, so I suppose she is my guardian!

Elizmor needs some work to get her ready for re-launching, and then I will re-commission her for sea and sail her down to the south coast. It’s going to be a big project as she hasn’t been in the water for 10 or more years.

I know that a 53ft, 65 year old wooden boat is no light undertaking. Luckily I have made a lot of good friends over the last five years of my boating adventures so far, and have some key people around me to help with the major bits. Will she even float?! I hope so! And then it will be the most awesome voyage down the Irish Sea.

This is the best adventure of my life so far – follow me on it!