Dad drove back down to Guildford yesterday, as he has a job that he has to get up at 4am for. He’s going to be busy for the next month or so now, as he works for himself as a photographer, and has lots of photography events booked up around the Christmas period – Christmas parties, theatre shows, etc.

It’s been invaluable having him up here helping out since I bought Elizmor at the beginning of the month. Engines and electrics are Dad’s forté, so he complements Jonny’s woodworking skills very well. It’s funny though because they are the complete opposite – Dad is pedantic to the extreme and likes to do his research and take his time, whereas Jonny is more of a creative improviser…

When I bought Elizmor, she didn’t have any throttle controls fitted. The throttle return spring on her Gardner 6LX is very heavy, so she needed some locking throttle controls sourced and fitted. I found some in America and had them shipped over. Dad was very impressed with them when they arrived – a very shiny, solid bit of kit! But when we put them in their mounting, the throttle lever hit the forward bulkhead and its full movement was restricted.

So along came Jonny!

One piece of firewood from the massive sack I had delivered for the Rayburn, and a limited repertoire of tools later, the amazing Jonny had carved this beautiful plinth to mount the throttle controls on, angling it back slightly to allow the levers full movement without hitting the bulkhead.

Throttle control

Jonny thinks the wood is ash or elm. Three coats of polyurethane varnish later, it was ready to be mounted, and looks beautiful in place.

It was good fun connecting the morse cables up – walkie talkies are handy on such a big boat!