YBW.com is home to a collection of the UK’s most popular sailing magazines, including Yachting Monthly and Practical Boat Owner, owned by the IPCMedia group.

The website also hosts the UK’s biggest sailing forums, of which I have been a well-known regular member for six years now. Over the years, I have often posted about my sailing projects and adventures, and everybody is always really friendly and helpful (nothing to do with the fact I fall into an unusual demographic on there, I am sure!).

So, when I bought Elizmor, I couldn’t wait to post a thread about my new project on the Practical Boat Owner section of the YBW forums. Soon enough, the thread ran to 9, 10, 11, 12 pages long – it is now 19 pages long! It has been wonderful to read so many messages of support from fellow sailors. A few have warned me off such a big project, but on the whole, everybody has been extremely positive and can’t wait to hear what happens next. I have received many offers of support, some great ideas, and one member even knocked on Elizmor’s hull the other day – he had remembered reading the thread, and was just passing through Preston Marina, so decided to come and say hello. What a wonderful way to meet new people.

Another of my favourite comments was from somebody who said that if Practical Boat Owner turn the Elizmor thread into a feature series in their magazine, it might even encourage them to renew their subscription! That’s exactly what I want to hear, as I’m sure does the Editor :)

The thread has now clocked up 19,574 views – extremely close to the staggering milestone of 20,000 views. This will mean that the thread has been viewed by 20,000 unique users, with lots of people posting to say they have read the entire thread through start to finish. I’m overwhelmed by the interest that people have shown in Elizmor, and it will be great to use this fantastic achievement to try and drum up some more sponsorship and support for Elizmor.

Which marine brand wouldn’t want their company mentioned to over 20,000 highly targeted readers? Come on Marketing Directors, get in touch now and get your company in front of my followers before you miss out on any more views! :)

More importantly, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who has read, commented and share the thread. Sometimes I feel a bit daunted by what I have taken on, especially when things don’t go to plan (and the real journey hasn’t even started yet), but it makes me feel so much more positive to know that I am not alone on this exciting adventure. Thank you, YBW’ers.

Click here to visit the YBW thread about Elizmor.

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