My first restless night aboard – now she really feels like my boat!

It was pretty gusty at midnight and kept me awake as I’m not used to all of her noises yet. It’s actually quite good fun lying in bed trying to work out what all the noises were. My dad got up to turn the wind genny off as it kept braking itself and making massive clunking noises which vibrated through the whole boat, then me and Jonny realised we’d left the cover off the foredeck and it was flapping around. The forecast was set to get worse by 5am so we hauled ourselves out of bed into the bitterly cold wind and rain to tie the foredeck cover back down. Back aboard, there was nothing better than warming up by the roaring Rayburn fire and then diving back into bed under my new feather & down duvet! Ah the little things!

Yesterday was a productive day; completed the first full coat of antifoul on the hull, took the masking tape off, new boot top looks great but I doubt she’ll actually sit on it! (We followed an old line.) She looks like a proper boat now with antifoul and boot top, a couple of guys in the yard complimented her ship-like looks.

The replacement paddlewheel for the NASA log impeller arrived and dad showed me how to fit it. The previous owners said the log didn’t work/wasn’t connected up, but the transducer connection does run back to the instruments in the wheelhouse, so we were hoping it would work with a new paddlewheel. It didn’t, but dad went up and fiddled around with the instruments in the wheelhouse, and managed to get it all working – the depth and log instruments had been plugged into each other’s connections! Swapped them around and they work fine. Just need a new bracket to mount them again – ordered some perforated metal strips off the internet.

Last night Jonny cooked an amazing roast on the Rayburn – it was the first time we managed to get it up to the ‘HOT’ temperature, and it was roaring! We have just used the normal gas cooker in the upstairs kitchen for cooking so far, so we thought we’d try the Rayburn out for its intended purpose. The first roast cooked aboard Elizmor was a great success.

Right! Best get on with things – hopefully a few more things will arrive in the post today that we need to get on with a few jobs.

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