So after a massive disappointment with that “55kg” Danforth anchor I bought, I’m still after a massive anchor for Elizmor. It turned out to be 55lbs not kgs, despite me specifically checking with the seller. I bought it via Gumtree from someone in Scotland, and had it couriered down, so it’s not like I can get my money back. I paid £50 +£40 courier, so am trying to sell it on again for £90.

In the meantime, I still need an anchor for Elizmor around 50kg! She already has two huge fishermans anchors stowed on her bow, but these aren’t very good at holding in anything other than rock and weed so I could do with an alternative. There is no chain either – going to have to find some 12mm calibrated anchor chain, hopefully second hand to keep costs down. I have emailed a few boatyards around Liverpool, which isn’t too far from here, to see if any of them have anything lying around.

Keep your eyes peeled people! Massive anchor and 12mm chain required.

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