So I decided to take the plunge and post an ‘Ask Me Anything’ open thread on the massively popular website reddit – referred to as the front page of the internet, and where a lot of cool stories are discovered and populated on the internet.

The AMA section is where people with unusual lives or professions (often famous people) open themselves up to questions from the users of reddit, so everyday folk can learn more about unusual things and get an insider’s view into their world.

I posted my thread last night with the title ‘I am a 23-year-old girl who has lived on boats her entire adult life. Ask me anything!’

The thread has been fantastically received and has over 140 comments. I was expecting a lot of trolls and negativity, but to my pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed the opportunity to answer a lot of very interesting questions from some genuinely intrigued people. Of course I didn’t escape from the wrath of the trolls completely, but Reddit, you are great!

Click here to go to the thread for a brilliant read – grab a mug of tea first!

P.S. Hello if you are reading this from reddit – welcome to the world of Elizmor.

P.P.S. I had to post the above photo to prove I am who I say I am – I wrote “Hi reddit” on Elizmor’s project white board.

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