I bought my old boat, Miley, on the 8th (or 9th! I can never remember which) of December 2008 – five years ago almost to the day. One of the first things I did, given the great festive timing, was buy some rope lights and rig them aloft. They went from the bowsprit, up her mainmast, across the triatic stay, down to the mizzen and down the backstay. They looked amazing and ever since, I have been a big fan of Christmas lights on boats.

I’m not too keen on the multi-coloured flashing look, though, so I set out to find Elizmor some pretty fairy lights that are nice and warm and subtle.

As you can see from the photo above, I think I found them!

Elizmor & La Roche Christmas lights

Elizmor (left), La Roche (right)

I went out the other night with my camera & tripod and took this photo of Elizmor next to her boatyard neighbour ‘La Roche’, who is also suitably dressed up for Christmas. (Maybe one day I will be the biggest boat in the yard…)

Not to be outdone by their customers, the yard staff in the Preston Marina boatyard have also joined in the festive spirit and put a Christmas tree up the top of their crane, complete with twinkling star decoration! Chris Miller, owner of the marina/yard, was telling me that last year the newspaper did a story about ‘The highest Christmas tree in Preston’ – someone in the City erected one on the roof of an office block and claimed it was the highest in Preston. Chris spotted it and got in touch with the newspaper to point out that their crane-mounted Christmas tree was in fact higher up. The paper came down and did a feature on them the next day! That’s the spirit.

Christmas crane decorations

Christmas tree & glowing star at the top of the boatyard crane


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