So with all of these wonderful things Jonny has been making with the lumps of firewood, we have quickly devoured a whole bag of the stuff and it was time for me to order another massive sack of hardwood.

I went back to the timber yard just round the corner from the boatyard, but the guy there said they’d all got in trouble with their boss (whoops) for selling me the first bag because I’d asked them to price match it with someone else, which they did, and I paid £65 + 5% VAT, including delivery just round the corner. This time they couldn’t offer any discount so the usual £80 + VAT price sent me looking elsewhere.

After phoning a few firewood sellers I settled with BG Fencing in Preston, and paid £65 inc. VAT plus £9 delivery for a builder’s bag of seasoned hardwood, and they got it out to me two hours later – great service. The logs are also a much smaller size than the last lot, which is more useful. We’ll have to see how they burn.

It then became even better service when the delivery guy turned up and was well up for lifting the bag up onto Elizmor’s foredeck! I wasn’t around when I had the first bag of wood delivered, so they just put it next to the boat in the yard. It meant traipsing back and forth with a bucket to collect the firewood, so having it on the foredeck would be handy – and better covered.

“It’s not every day you deliver a bag of firewood onto somebody’s boat.”

…said the driver, obviously enjoying the break in his usual delivery work. My friend James, who is staying for a couple of days (and is in the photo above) helped load it onto the foredeck and then I chatted to the driver. He was interested in the boat and I told him about my plans for Elizmor – it’s a wonderful thing to chat to people about, everybody is always so encouraging (and there’s always a “rather you than me!” element when I mention the likelihood of sailing the Irish Sea in winter).

Now then, what will Jonny make from this load of firewood…?

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