I have set up Elizmor’s page on Facebook, and also created a profile on Twitter.

As you might have read, for the past few years I have spent my professional life as a social media/digital marketing strategist. I ended up working as the most senior social media specialist within international digital marketing agency iCrossing, where I created social strategies for big brands like M&S Bank. I now work entirely for myself as a freelance social media strategist, working with some smaller brands, start-ups and charities helping them harness the opportunities social media provides.

So, it was about time I created Elizmor her own social media profiles!

I am concentrating on Facebook and Twitter at the moment. Facebook is my personal favourite social media platform, and Twitter will be great for communicating with other brands and experts, so we should be all set for some social media success.

Make sure you like Elizmor on Facebook:

And follow Elizmor on Twitter:

…to stay in touch with the project and hear about the latest news as I post it.

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