When I bought Elizmor, she was connected directly to the mains water hosepipe in the boatyard. She had a water tank fitted, but no deck filler cap. One of those strange scenarios you end up finding on boats…

Mains water isn’t that useful at sea, so one of the first jobs was to buy a freshwater pump, cut a hole in the deck for a filler cap, and fit a breather pipe.

New water pump

The new fresh water pump – Jabso Par Max 2.9, 24v 40psi, connected in to the accumulator tank which was aleady there. Note the shiny seacocks! We cleaned them up and put new packing in the seals.

I went for a Jabso Par Max 2.9 24v 40psi fresh water pump, and got a beautiful bronze deck filler cap from Black Country Metal Works on eBay for a bargain price of about £10. Plus lots of hose and plumbing fittings, most of which we didn’t need in the end, as is usually the case with these things.

It’s all connected up now (ha ha, easier said than done), and the last job remaining is to sand & paint the wooden bedding for the breather pipe exit (it also covers up the old hole where the mains hose pipe ran directly in the boat).

Deck breather hose

Bedded down, wood filler to smooth it over, Sikaflex round the edges. Sanded & wiped with white spirit ready for priming…

Deck filler hose

Primer coat, ready for green paint next.

The only thing I’m not happy with is an occasional slight rubbery taste to the water. I think it’s the accumulator tank, which seems a bit small/useless anyway, so I’m contemplating removing it. It wouldn’t be a big job, but there are still more important things to be getting on with, so I might leave it for now and see if the rubbery taste improves.

Main post image shows the underside of the deck in the heads – green is the breather from the tank, yellow is connected to the new deck filler cap. Open cap on deck, insert hose pipe, fresh water then fills the tank via this hose. It breathes via the green hose and will overflow back out of the filler.

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