I have some extremely exciting news to tell you about…

A few days ago, I got in touch with Garmin. I introduced myself and my background in writing & sailing, and spoke about ‘Project Elizmor’ and the fantastic reaction it has already received (thanks to you). 

So far, this website has clocked up 18,000 page views in the first two weeks alone, and my thread about Elizmor on the Practical Boat Owner forums has over 12,000 views & 138 replies. And I’ve only owned Elizmor for under one month! This is just the beginning of something very exciting.

Showing their willingness to support the project, Garmin are very kindly sending Elizmor a GPSmap 451s chartplotter.

I hope to receive it shortly, and can’t wait to play with it when it arrives – I’ve never owned a chartplotter before, instead relying on OpenCPN on my laptop (and paper charts, obviously). I will let you know my thoughts on it as soon as it’s all installed in Elizmor’s wheelhouse. It’s going to look brilliant – and bring her up to the 21st century!

What an amazing early Christmas present for Elizmor. Thank you Garmin.

Garmin Christmas Giveaway

And if you fancy one of your own, Garmin are currently running a big Christmas giveaway on via their social media pages.

You can follow them on their Facebook and Twitter, and go here for the chance to win a gadget every day – do you think it would be cheeky if I entered?!



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