The two questions I currently seem to be asked about Elizmor are, “Have you launched her yet?” and “Have you managed to find an anchor?”

The answer to the first question is still a no; I was ready to launch Elizmor six weeks ago but the first two launch dates were cancelled due to insurance/liability issues, and I am still trying to find a way around them, which you will know if you have been following Elizmor on Facebook or my YBW thread. I will write a post about it on here when it is all done and dusted.

However, I have some amazing news to share with you about the second question. When I bought Elizmor, she came with two very large fisherman’s anchors stowed on either side of the bow. They are in full working order but seem to be more of a decorative addition. I suppose I could use them, but they are known to be poor setting & holding in anything other than rock or weed. So, I have been looking for an alternative anchor around 50kg ever since I bought her.

I knew I needed a more modern design to keep Elizmor safe on our travels down south. Initially, I scoured eBay and Gumtree for any heavy anchor I might be able to find. I thought I’d found one – a Danforth – but when it arrived via a courier from Scotland, it turned out to be 50lbs instead of 50kg. D’oh, way too small. Maybe a good kedge though! I then took to traipsing around boatyards and fishing quays, both up north and down south, asking if anybody knew of any 50kg anchors ‘lying around’. Nobody had anything suitable and suggested I tried eBay. Been there, done that!

So, then I thought, how about contacting an anchor manufacturer for sponsorship, as I had done with Garmin (they sent me a GPS charplotter), Icom (sending me a DSC VHF) and (who kitted Elizmor out with six huge fenders).

After spending days researching different types of anchors, I approached Lewmar, who manufacture the Delta anchor. The Delta is an improved version of the much-loved CQR anchor, and relied on by national lifeboats institutions.

In an amazing turn of events, I did some internet digging and found a contact email for Lewmar’s Marketing Manager, Ben Kay. I emailed Ben putting the sponsorship opportunity to him, and it was so exciting to get a reply from him straight away the next morning. Not only was Ben keen to help, but he had already been following ‘Project Elizmor’ online! With Ben’s help and advice based on previous customers’ vessels, we soon agreed that the 50kg Delta would be suitable for Elizmor. Next thing I knew, Ben was asking me for my delivery address!

In addition, I am hoping that Lewmar might be able to help me find the right calibrated chain for my anchor windlass, as Elizmor didn’t come with any anchor chain at all. My windlass happens to be an old Simpson Lawrence, a company Lewmar merged with in the 90s, so Ben has given me a bit of insight that I will hopefully be able to use to find the calibration of my gypsy and then some chain to go with it.

Next up, I have to work out a way of stowing and deploying the anchor – there is no bow roller, just an open stem. Thankfully I am planning on always sailing with crew, so hauling the anchor up should be just about manageable with the manual windlass and some good hands.

I will keep you updated – expect some awesome photography when 50kg of galvanised steel turns up aboard Elizmor!

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