Dad sent me an email a couple of hours ago,  with the subject line ‘Look what came in the post this morning!’

As far as I could remember, the only thing I was expecting to turn up at my parents’ address was a letter from the hospital with an appointment to see a specialist. Not very exciting and certainly not warranted of a ‘Look what came in the post!’ email.

So I opened the email, and lo and behold, there was a scanned copy of Elizmor’s certificate of registration on the National Register of Historic Vessels

This means that Elizmor ‘has been identified as meriting inclusion’ based on the following criteria:

  • be at least 50 years old
  • have demonstrable and significant associations with the UK
  • be based in UK waters
  • be more than 33 ft in length overall (length OA) measured between the forward and aft extremities of the hull overall excluding any spars or projections.
  • be substantially intact

They have accepted my application! Elizmor is a NATIONAL HISTORIC SHIP!

OK, so that’s awesome. But what does it mean? What, apart from the obvious recognition and responsibility that comes with it, of course! Well, one of the FAQs on the National Historic Ships website talks about the benefits in a little more detail:

Registration is completely free, and once accepted you will receive a certificate and a copy of our annual report. After six months you are eligible to apply for one of our small grants. You can also contact us for advice on your vessel restoration or anything else you may need assistance on. The Register is also an informal community of common interests and therefore a good way of understanding what is going on in the world of historic vessels. Owners will receive regular e-news letters and we are experimenting with a forum where owners and interested parties can share information and relevant experiences.

I am so proud of Elizmor; she is a historic vessel, and now has the recognition she deserves for her years of service, the hundreds of memories that she has created, and the fishermen she kept safe as they sailed aboard her.

I wonder if there is a Facebook group for owners of Historic Vessels? If not, I might have to create one!

Nice one Elizmor. Here’s to another few decades of life aboard you and water under your keel. Well, if I can actually find a way to get you launched…

Oh yeah… I almost forgot… you can see Elizmor on the Register here: