…there’s always an awkward space that needs climbing into.

Before Elizmor’s launch, we have been seriously overhauling her bilge pumping system.

When I bought her, Elizmor just had a 220v bilge pump dropped into the bilge in the engine room. She also has a venturi bilge pump linked to the engine cooling system. There are also two old manual bilge pumps mounted on the deck, but they were presumed dead and obviously antiquated.

So, we added a 24v 3700GPH bilge pump in the bilge just forward of the engine room, attached to a float switch, and pumping overboard via a new skin fitting we installed in the hull. It all sounds so simple, but in reality, it was a few days’ work between three of us, working out the best runs for everything, sourcing the right bits, and then connecting it all up.

We also decided to have a look at the two old manual bilge pumps, and after a bit of coercing and gasket making, we managed to get one of them working! They are amazing Dalek-like contraptions – I will have to post a video of one.

In addition, we changed the lay-flat pipe on the 220v pump for a rigid installation which works a lot better.

So that leaves us with a considerably better bilge pumping capacity.

But after the first real test (we filled the bilges up with the hose pipe), I thought we could do better. The new 24v bilge pump was absolutely amazing – shooting a jet about 3 metres out of the side of the boat. The existing 220v was not as impressive, and we had those two sharing the same skin fitting, which didn’t seem to work too well. Not content, I decided to buy a second 24v pump and replace the 220v one entirely.

So that’s what Jonny’s boots are doing in the photo above – leaning into the engine bilge to fix down the new 24v bilge pump and float switch. We have already fitted a shiny new separate skin fitting for it.

Elizmor is not going down on my watch!

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