Just realised that I have owned this little ship for 6 weeks and 1 day. In that time, with the help of Dad and Jonny, we have:

  • Sanded, primed and antifouled the hull (all 53ft of it)
  • Repaired the speed log and depth sounder
  • Blanked off an old thru-hull fitting
  • Overhauled a seacock
  • Fitted fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, first aid kit and an auto fire extinguisher in the engine room
  • Spent far too much bloody time installing new bilge pumps and trying to source weird and wonderful hose sizes and fittings
  • Re-stuffed the rudder seal
  • Sourced, acquired and fitted new engine controls
  • Made a plinth for the new engine controls out of firewood
  • Cleaned out the bilges, filled them with water and tested for leaks
  • Installed a fresh water system including cutting a deck filler hole, breather pipe, and the installation of a fresh water pump & accumulator
  • Inspected and tidied the electrical system
  • Repaired damage to the port side rubbing strake
  • Replaced non-fuel approved pipework in the engine bay
  • Serviced the engine e.g. antifreeze and stocking up on oil
  • Swept the chimney for the Rayburn
  • Broke and fixed the bath water drain pump (new impeller)
  • Stocked up on imperial & metric tools
  • Bought some engine spares
  • Replaced broken gas cooker oven knob has been replaced
  • Stocked up with lifejackets and MOB sling
  • Acquired new mooring lines – 100m x 33mm and x2 50m x 37mm 8-plait
  • Burnt about a ton of firewood
  • Drank a boat load of tea, beer and mulled wine

Not only that, but I have also:

  • Created a website, Facebook & Twitter
  • Taken & edited lots of photos
  • Written 18 blog posts
  • Gained sponsorship from Garmin (GPSmap 451s chartplotter)
  • Gained sponsorship from Icom (IC-M323 DSC VHF)
  • Gained sponsorship from BoatFendersDirect.co.uk (x6 massive fenders)
  • Got a commission from Practical Boat Owner to write a 5 page/3,000 word feature
  • Hosted a successful IAmA session on reddit

Now let’s just hope she floats when she’s launched in January!

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