There is a lot I could write about the past five months of trying to launch Elizmor and of the frustration and distress I experienced during that time. But instead of dwelling on that, I’m going to skip right to the most important, exciting and happy part.

Elizmor has triumphed. After more than twelve years ashore in a boatyard, yesterday she was launched back into her natural habitat. I am grateful to the owners of another large neighbouring boat, who organised & shared the launch which has given Elizmor the freedom and potential for a new lease of life.

The 10th April 2014 was one of the most amazing days of my life, and these photos, taken by my dad, capture the magic.

That’s all for now… did she float? Does the engine run OK? Any disasters? You’ll have to stay tuned…

Setting up
Setting up the 300t crane in between Elizmor and La Roche


Heavy lifting tackle
Heavy lifting tackle and spreader beams


Massive outrigger pads
Massive outrigger pads


La Roche goes first
La Roche goes in first


Elizmor's turn
Elizmor’s turn


Perfect weather
Perfect weather – sunny and a not-too-strong breeze


And she's off!`
And she’s off!


Swinging round
Swinging round


"I can't believe it's happening!"
“I can’t believe it’s happening!”


Wetting her nose
Wetting her nose


Sitting proudly
Sitting proudly against the quay


An emotional day
A long, emotional day – Elizmor’s resting spot looking empty


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