Elizmor is a wooden ex-MFV (motor fishing vessel). She was built in 1948, just after the end of WWII, by the famous Millers yard in St Monans, Scotland. Her construction is of heavy 1 1/2″ larch on oak frames, spaced around a foot apart – solid!

Elizmor was built for Eddie McEwan, a skipper in Maidens Harbour. She takes her name from Eddie’s wife Morag and their daughter Elizabeth. It’s wonderful to have this history still with her, and Elizmor is such an unusual and beautiful name.

Elizmor BA163

Unlike other MFVs, Elizmor wasn’t built as a trawler, but as a ringnetter. She used to work with a crew of seven fishing for herring around Scotland and Ireland, and later fished for prawn with just a crew of two onboard. When Eddie McEwan passed away, his wife was unable to maintain her as a working boat, and sold her to Maidens harbourmaster Andy Alexander. Elizmor was decommissioned and in 1988, Andy sold her to Michael and Denise Woods for £12,000. Michael and Denise were responsible for rescuing Elizmor from a gloomy looking future, and sympathetically converted her from working boat into a liveaboard family home.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael and Denise in April 2014, and discovered a lot more about Elizmor’s history – you can read the blog post about it here.

Michael and Denise continued to live on her in Maidens Harbour until 1997, when they sailed her down to Preston. Four years later they hauled her out into the boatyard, and carried on maintaining her and living aboard. She ended up being ashore in Preston for 13 years.

In January 2013 Elizmor was sold to Polly & John Syred, who spent most of their 10 months of ownership recommissioning the Gardner 6LX engine. Unfortunately their other commitments meant that they had to find a new custodian for Elizmor. In November 2013 I bought Elizmor, and that’s the bit of her story which I invite you to read about now.