As you have probably read by now, Elizmor is currently lying in Preston, Lancashire.

UK Map

My plan is to launch Elizmor back in the water in Preston, and sail her south.

I have been living in Brighton for the past three years on my 34ft sailing yacht Miley, so it makes sense to take Elizmor there – I have friends, and can easily pick up work in the thriving digital media community.

But I love change, and I have always fancied exploring the West Country – so who knows where we might end up, especially as we would be sailing past there anyway.

I will update this page as the voyage progresses – at the moment I am concentrating on relaunching Elizmor, and you can follow our progress via the blog.

(And yes, the dot for Preston is supposed to be inland –  Preston lies 10nm up the River Ribble – perfect testing ground for Elizmor before a long sea passage.)